Jurassic Yorkshire; an unusual delivery

​Here at JMS Doncaster, when it comes to haulage the choice is yours: you can use our overnight pallet system, or have a dedicated vehicle tailored to your needs…and this unusual delivery was very much a bespoke service. Introducing ‘Yorkshiresaurus’ – a plant-eating dinosaur from 200 million years ago! The world’s first Yorkshire born and bred dinosaur was unveiled last summer during Leeds Jurassic Trail 2, an event experience project initiated to support the city’s recovery from Covid-19 and reboost the high street safely. JMS were tasked with transporting the beast to its new home in London, ready for use on a golf course in Sidcup. A spokesman for the 170 mile journey commented on their travels together, “Today we moved this cute dinosaur!” “It’s tail shows a close resemblance to rhubarb and its feet look like Yorkshire Puddings.” It’s safe to say that this working day was far from average for the JMS team! Integrating with the local community is important, and JMS are proud to have been a part of this Yorkshire based voyage. “If you look carefully, the White Rose of Yorkshire can be seen on his skin and the roar seems to have a Yorkshire twang.” Learn more about the trip here: ​​https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk Learn more about our services, such as; Pallet Track, Same Day Delivery, or Import and Export, now.

Celebrating 32 Years of JMS Doncaster!

At JMS Doncaster, we’re excited to be celebrating 32 years in the haulage industry! Founded in 1989 by John Sheard, JMS began providing deliveries from just a single vehicle. Today, we’re proud to operate 40 vehicles with 60 employees, who all go above and beyond to ensure we’re providing the very best service available. COVID-19 & Brexit: Two Years of Change The past two years have had a huge impact on businesses across the globe, but haulage companies have continued working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. JMS Doncaster employees have been at the forefront and, as part of our anniversary celebrations, we’d like to thank each and every team member who have done their utmost to provide ongoing services, including same day delivery and distribution services. On top of our drivers working throughout the pandemic, we’ve also had to navigate changes to the haulage industry due to Brexit. We’d like to give a huge thank you to all our employees, who have gone above and beyond to continue delivering the excellent service our clients have come to expect, some of whom have been with us for 32 years! 32 Years of Haulage In 1989, John Sheard was offering deliveries and operating the business from just a single van. Over 32 years, JMS continued to expand, relocating in 2007 to accommodate for future growth. The new premises included secure warehouse and outdoor storage, allowing us to expand our services and offer logistics, warehousing and distribution services to clients. Partnering with Pallet Track allowed us to further expand our courier services, providing an overnight national pallets delivery service through a central hub in Birmingham. We even won the 2020 Platinum Award, confirming our place among the leading hauliers in the UK’s freight and logistics industry.

Hooray for Hauliers!

Haulage companies have been at the forefront of the pandemic, working to ensure as much normality as possible. Here at JMS Doncaster, our fleet of 35 vehicles has certainly gone above and beyond to adapt our extensive haulage experience to ongoing delivery during Covid-19, with reliable services that include same-day delivery, import and export, and Pallet Track services. It’s our work with Pallet Track that has put us at the forefront of a recent initiative that aims to see haulage workers gaining due recognition at last. Sadly, unlike other key workers, many drivers have been working behind the scenes, putting themselves at risk to ensure life-saving deliveries and ongoing food supplies, even as they grapple with changes due to Brexit. In thanks, and to finally raise awareness of that fundamental role, Pallet Track launched the Hooray for Hauliers initiative earlier this month. The campaign, much like clap for carers, is a pat on the back for all that hard work, with pictures on the sides of fleets, including our own trucks, ultimately aiming to spread a much wider message. Across the country, Pallet Track urges the public to share images on social media using #hoorayforhauliers, ensuring not only well-deserved recognition but also hopefully spreading a message that leads to positive change in the upcoming skills shortage. Whether you see one of our JMS Doncaster ‘Hooray for Hauliers’ trucks, or those belonging to the many other hauliers supporting the campaign, please don’t hesitate to get sharing, and show your haulage workers just how much you appreciate what they’ve done this past year!

JMS of Doncaster Wins 2020 Platinum Award at Pallet Track

In a unique and challenging year, JMS of Doncaster are proud to have won the Platinum Pallet Track Award for 2020. Undeniably, 2020 has been a year of challenges, where an impressive growth in the logistics sector shared the scene with the difficulties related to the pandemic. Today, JMS of Doncaster is proud to have won the annual Pallet Track Platinum Award – an honour made even greater because it came in 2020, a unique year for the logistics and palletised freight network in the UK and worldwide. The prestigious Pallet Award is made available by one of the largest overnight-palletised freight networks in the UK, Pallet Track. This award-winning network is among the fastest-growing ones in the nation, with some of the country’s leading haulage companies as its members. Its Pallet Award is an extremely challenging one to win, and it sets the industry standards. We are proud to have previously won many of the monthly editions of the award throughout 2020, but to get the new annual award received in December 2020, JMS confirms itself to be among the leading hauliers in the UK’s freight and logistics industry. The platinum award category requires the company to achieve 99% and above in every key performance indicator set by the Pallet Track, which by no means is an easy achievement. The award was made even more special by the acknowledgement of Pallet Track’s Commercial Director Carl Jones: ‘Brilliant Accomplishment, well done to John Sheard and the team as JMS.’ We are incredibly proud to have been selected for this prestigious award, as it once again positions JMS among the leading haulage providers in the UK. In an effort to maintain our standards at their highest, we continue to grow our network and fleet while assisting with import/exports projects, same-day delivery, distribution, and warehousing facilities. We do so by creating tailor-made solutions for each of our clients. As highlighted in the Pallet Award, it is our commitment to encourage sustainable growth and bring tailored and innovative services to our clients that drive us forward.

JMS have done it again!

JMS is pleased to announce that it has once again been awarded the highest level of award from Pallet Track. The overnight-palletised freight network gave the award in October 2020, placing the firm squarely in the top-tier of logistics operators nationwide. JMS ranked tenth in the overall table of winners and achieved Platinum hauliers status – the highest level of award possible, ahead of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Red. Platinum-level companies must achieve scores of 99 per cent or above, according to Pallet Track’s key performance indicators (KPIs). High-performing firms must demonstrate that they have continual control processes and monitoring throughout the entire haulage process. Pallet Track logistics is one of the UK’s fastest-growing overnight palletised freight network providers, offering next-day and economy pallet distribution. Its objective is to create a personalised and professional distribution service throughout the UK using its national network of distribution centres. Currently, JMS offers assistance with imports and exports, warehousing facilities, distribution services, contract logistics and same-day delivery. The company caters its offering to the needs of customers and delivers bespoke solutions where possible. They also provide delivery for a range of pallet sizes and works with Pallet Track on overnight pallet freight network, providing even greater convenience for customers. JMS management is delighted to receive Pallet Track’s recognition for its logistics, distribution and pallet services. This new award cements JMS’s status as a premier haulage provider.

Celebrating 31 years with a new addition to the fleet!

Over the years, we have committed to pushing our business forward and achieving sustainable growth. Therefore, we thought it was only right that we celebrated 31 years in business in style, with a new addition to the fleet. A celebration marked with a new addition to the fleet at JMS of Doncaster Ltd Our premier haulage firm is delighted to announce the acquisition of a Mercedes-Benz Actros 5. This vehicle boasts an array of impressive technology features, including MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist, and Predictive Powertrain Control. These features will assist us in terms of road safety and fuel economy so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. Our Managing Director, John Sheard, has spoken about his delight with the final outcome, and the vehicle has already gone to work. We don’t waste any time here! He said the following about the Mercedes-Benz Actros 5: “The Mercedes-Benz truck has everything, it’s a great looking vehicle, it’s good on fuel, well priced and it ticks all the boxes for us. We currently run around six Mercedes tractor units and they are all good on fuel and their reputation for fuel saving is excellent, so I’m excited to see the numbers.” We’d also like to thank Northside for another great vehicle and their impeccable service. We’ve enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with them, and look forward to acquiring more in the future.

JMS awarded Platinum hauliers from Pallet Track

JMS of Doncaster is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the highest accommodate from Pallet Track for June 2020: Platinum hauliers status. If you are looking for a trusted haulage company, you can rely on us to cater to your needs. Platinum level haulage services from JMS To receive the Platinum level, companies must achieve 99 per cent and above in regards to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Pallet Track has outlined. Pallet Track is known for its fully-structured membership service, which involves constant monitoring of their control processes to move the haulage industry forward. Wide range of services and pallet sizes to choose from We are delighted to have been awarded the platinum status for June 2020. Working with Pallet track, we provide a premier overnight haulage service. We provide delivery for a number of pallet sizes, including oversized pallets, full pallets – up to 1200 kg, half pallets – up to 500 kg, and quarter pallets – up to 250 kg. Not only do we offer an overnight haulage service, but same-day delivery, contract logistics, distribution services, warehousing, imports and exports, and much more. We cater to your needs, and we’re always happy to discuss unique requirements.

Haulage drivers exempt from COVID-19 quarantine when returning to UK

JMS of Doncaster Ltd provide same-day deliveries, logistics and warehousing services to clients throughout the UK and across Europe, crossing borders and hopping on ferries to meet our delivery deadlines. We’ve built up a fantastic reputation for providing a reliable and high-quality delivery service to our clients regardless of location, so when the first lockdown measures were placed, we worked especially hard to meet our deadlines in the pressing circumstances.

With a variety of lockdown restrictions now being lifted, the haulage industry can begin to operate as normal. As an independent haulage firm, we were delighted to hear that the government had updated the travel advice regarding COVID-19 quarantine when leaving and returning to the UK.

As of June 8 2020, the UK government updated the list of travellers exempt from border rules in the UK to include “Drivers of goods vehicles or public service vehicles and other employees of community licence holders for the international carriage of goods or passengers by coach and bus.” This means anyone making official deliveries to destinations outside of the UK will not need to self-isolate for 14 days. You will, however, need to complete the Public Health passenger locator form before you travel to the UK. The government guidelines state that drivers will have to show that travel is part of your job, which could include a letter from your employer, your operator’s licence or a consignment note.

This is fantastic news for not only JMS, but for the entire haulage industry! It’s going to allow us to make faster deliveries across the globe, reaching our clients wherever they are in the world.

Trust JMS for deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic

JMS of Doncaster was founded thirty years ago by John Sheard, who made deliveries in just a single van! Fast forward to 2020, Mr Sheard is still running JMS and our fleet is now in excess of 35 vehicles of all shapes and sizes, ready to make international deliveries, whatever your consignment may be.

In our three decades of experience, we’ve gained a wide range of experience and skills in the haulage sector, allowing us to provide an unbeatable delivery experience every time. The one thing we’ve never experienced, however, is a global pandemic!

Although the UK is experiencing a long lock-down period to limit the spread of the virus, haulage drivers across the world are working hard behind the scenes to deliver anything from food to toiletries, medicine to clothes. Whilst most people are working from home or experiencing a short break under the furlough scheme, our drivers and operation managers are still in action 24/7 to ensure vital goods are delivered each day.

Our services are very much still available for new and existing clients, whether you want to take full advantage of our import and export services, our MOFFETT haulage, same day delivery or Pallet Track services. We’re still committed to providing excellent customer service at exceptional prices, all year round.

If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer, visit our Distribution Services Page or call us on 01302 337455 to speak to a friendly member of our customer service team! 

Covid-19 and advice for haulage drivers across the UK

During the current Covid-19 crisis, most people have been asked to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. However, key workers including medical personnel and those involved with the food and goods production and transportation are resuming their working life with as much normality as possible. With the whole of UK on a government-enforced lockdown, it’s now more important than ever to be as up-to-date with the current regulations.

With that in mind, we’ve collated a list of top-tips and resources to keep you and your family safe during the pandemic

1. Make sure you practice social distancing whenever you’re interacting with people. If you’re unsure what social distancing fully entails, read the government’s advice.

2. Practice good hygiene by carrying hand sanitiser, regularly cleaning the inside of your truck with antibacterial spray or wipes and washing your hands. Volvo have released some advice on keeping your cabin clean.

3. Make the most of service stations to thoroughly wash your hands. Although there’s been some news coverage around the banning of haulage drivers using service stations, it is your right to be able to use them. If you are refused access, you can report them to the RHA.

4. Keep in touch with family and friends on social media on your rest breaks. Whilst we can’t interact with our loved ones like we used to, we can still send them a text or jump on a group video call to say hello. 

Make sure you’re checking your usual haulage news sites for regular updates on changes to driving standards and top-tips for dealing with the crisis but, most of all, stay safe! 

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      Working with Pallet Track, JMS of Doncaster are part of a network of delivery companies to offer an overnight service, providing a national pallets delivery service through our central hub in Birmingham.

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        Pallet Track Services

        Working with Pallet Track, JMS of Doncaster are part of a network of delivery companies to offer an overnight service, providing a national pallets delivery service through our central hub in Birmingham.

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