Raising awareness of loneliness in the haulage industry

JMS of Doncasterhave a fleet of over 35 vehicles, offering same-day deliveries for clients across the UK. We’re dedicated to providing a swift and reliable delivery service to our customers, and we’re always striving to provide the best service we possibly can. In order to remain on schedule, our drivers have strict timetables to adhere to, with allocated driving and resting times.

It’s true that long-haulage deliveries can take a toll on a driver’s social life; spending long hours alone in a cabin and several days away from home at a time. Tackling loneliness is an important part of maintaining good mental health, and lorry drivers are no exception. However, with the correct mindset and practising different techniques, we can help put an end to driver loneliness.

We’re committed to providing a healthy workplace environment, which of course extends to mental health, so we’ve come up with a few top tips to help kick driver loneliness to the curb. 

1. Sleep, diet and exercise

A good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining good mental health, so try to reduce your caffeine and nicotine intake whilst out on the road. On your rest breaks, step out of the cab and stretch your legs, and make sure you have a good meal rather than relying on service snacks!

 2. Try podcasts

Listening to podcasts on your favourite topic, or even a radio talk show, can provide a more conversational form of entertainment. There are thousands of podcasts available and with topics from cookery to design, travel to gaming, you’re sure to find a topic you’ll love. 

3. Join a haulage social group

Joining a haulage group on social media is a great way to make new friends, in person and online. You’ll even have someone to chat to via instant messaging when you’re resting. 

4. Make the most of your time at home

We all miss home when we’re away, but making the most of your time at home will really help. Planning activities with friends, family or even alone, will give you something to look forward to on your return.

5. Enjoy the journey

Watching a sea of brake lights as youre stuck in traffic on the A1 is never much fun, but haulage driving allows you to drive through places you’ve never been to before. On more rural routes, you’ll see beautiful countryside that even bad weather won’t dampen.

Everyone gets lonely from time to time, but if it’s affecting your daily life then it’s time to take it more seriously. It’s important to raise awareness of good mental health within the haulage and distribution industry, so let’s get people talking and end loneliness amongst hauliers! 

Promoting safe driving for HGV drivers across the UK

For those in the haulage industry, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. Not only are we incredibly busy transporting food, goods and medicine throughout the festive period and into the new year, but drivers are faced with bad traffic and even worse weather conditions. Driving in winter can be very dangerous, but with the right advice, know-how and preparation, deliveries can be made safely and efficiently even in the worst rain, snow and fog. 

To ensure the safety of our wider driving community, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for keeping yourself safe on the roads this Christmastime.

1. Check the weather before you set off

2. Check your vehicle before you set off

3. Respect motorway etiquette

4. Be prepared for every situation

5. Know what to do if you break down

Try to get off the motorway as safely and as soon as you can and use the hard shoulder as a very last resort. Turn your wheels to the left once you have stopped and exit the car on the left-hand side, avoiding the cars on your right. Put your hazards on immediately and call your breakdown service for help.

We hope that despite the cold weather and ever-increasing traffic, that you have safe and pleasant journeys this festive period. From all of us at JMS, we wish you a Merry Christmas and happy driving!

If you’d like to read about the services we offer, please visit our distribution page today. 

JMS transports illuminated whale at Austerfield and Bawtry Illuminate Festival

JMS of Doncaster Ltd are proud to have been a key part of the Austerfield and Bawtry Illuminate Festival on Sunday 17 November! Celebrating a 400-year connection with the Pilgrims and the sailing of the Mayflower ship to America and Holland, the Illuminate Festival is a regional partnership that highlights the story of those who embarked on that remarkable journey.

A small group of pilgrims, who can be traced back to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, were Separatists leaving England seeking religious freedom. They wanted to have their own church and not be a part of the Church of England, which was illegal in 1620. 102 individuals (half religious dissenters and half entrepreneurs) embarked to America to seek religious freedom and form a new colony in Jamestown, Virginia.

A JMS vehicle carried a 7-metre-long illuminated whale sculpture, made by the children of local primary schools and facilitated by sculptor Dan Jones from hundreds of recycled plastic bottles. We transported the whale into Bawtry at 4:30 and to the town hall soon after. The parade included a spectacular aerial dance from Periplum, a mass choir from the school children and Quirky Choir, a performance from Doncaster Waites and finished with an ‘Under the Sea’ themed ball.

We were delighted to be involved in such a significant event in our community, highlighting an important story with roots in our very own home county. Supporting the community is a large part of our company ethos and we’re proud to be part of yet another successful Doncaster event.

To read more about JMS of Doncaster Ltd and the haulage services we provide, please contact us today on 01302 337445 

Government Advice for the Haulage Industry

Whether we leave the EU or not, there’s things you need to do to prepare for the event of a no-deal Brexit. We’ve compilated the government’s advice in this blog to ensure our fellow hauliers know what to do, whatever happens!

Get the right operator licence

You need to carry a standard international operator licence for journeys to, through or from the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). You’ll also need an EU Community Licence and you can use your existing licence until 31 December even if there’s a no-deal Brexit. Your EU Community Licence will allow you to make journeys to and from the UK, drive through EU countries to reach another EU country and do a limited amount of cabotage or cross-trade jobs from the day the UK leaves the EU.

If you apply for or renew your operator licence after a no-deal Brexit, you’ll receive a ‘UK Licence for the Community’. This licence works the same as the EU Community Licence and the same rules apply.

Get the right permits

You’ll be able to complete most international journeys until 31 December without extra permits, regardless of a no-deal or not.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, you’ll can still use your EU Community Licence until 2019 if the journey is entirely within the EU or EEA. European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) will be required if you’re travelling through EU and EEA countries to ECMT countries not in the EU or EEA.

Watch out for the changes to cabotage and cross-trade jobs

The number of cabotage and cross-trade jobs you can do will reduce if there’s a no-deal Brexit. You’ll only be allowed to carry out two cabotage or cross-trade within 7 days of making an international journey until 31 December 2019.

Register your vehicle trailers

You must register commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non-commercial trailers weighing over 750kg before you drive to, or through, most EU and EEA countries.

For abnormal loads, you’ll need a keeper’s certificate to take it abroad. Make sure you keep the certificate in the vehicle to show at border crossings and always check what counts as an abnormal load in the country you’re travelling to.

Check your vehicle and trailer insurance

Ensure that you’re carrying your ‘green card’ to prove that your vehicles are insured, should a no-deal Brexit happen. You’ll need multiple green cards if you own a fleet, you’re towing a trailer or if your policy ends during your journey.

Make sure you know what to do

You should consider switching your UK Driver CPC for an EU one if you’re an EU Company, so it allows you to work for both UK and EU companies after Brexit. You’ll also need to check what other things your company and drivers need to do to prepare for Brexit, including: getting an International Driving Permit (IDP), renewing your passport early enough and ensuring that you have the right kind of insurance.

There’s a lot to be aware of in the preparations for Brexit and there is still a lot of uncertainty, so we’ve tried to cover as much as we can. Keep checking the government website for further updates, and the Road Haulage Association for advice. JMS will still be operating as normal during the Brexit procedures, read more about our services here.

Macmillian Cancer Coffee Morning!

JMS of Doncaster were delighted to participate in a Macmillian Cancer Coffee Morning last month. 

Macmillan Cancer Support is the UK’s leading cancer support charity offering personal, one to one care and support to thousands of people every day. They are here to help everyone with cancer to live life to the fullest through providing emotional and financial support. 

To support this fantastic charity, our team brought in a selection of cakes to share, including homemade black forest gateaux, sponge cake topped with fresh fruit, cocoa pops sticky squares and even an M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake!

We had a really enjoyable morning sharing a slice of cake with a hot drink for such a good cause. We’re proud to say that we raised £36.00 in donations – all to help support people with cancer across the UK.

We’d like to thank everyone who came and bought a slice of cake at our Macmillan Coffee Morning. 

JMS Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Warehousing and distribution services can be an important component to a business’ services. Often small businesses don’t have space or resources to store and distribute goods themselves. JMS of Doncaster, offer third party storage,warehousing and distribution, services allowing other companies to outsource this element of their business. With over 30 years’ sector experience, JMS has built up an exceptional reputation for quality customer service.

Starting from a single van, JMS has grown and expanded over 30 years to a sizeable fleet of 35 vehicles used for a variety distribution and haulage requirements. Our vehicles range from 44-ton articulated lorries to flatbed vans, so no job is too big or too small. Alongside expanding our fleet, we have also expanded our premises to accommodate a 30,000 sq ft warehouse and two-acre storage facility to provide both indoor and outdoor secure storage.

By offering third-party logistics, JMS offers simple and efficient storage and haulage solutions for many developing and established businesses. Our full supply chain management service guarantees that your goods are stored and delivered from our secure warehouse facility. Larger products, that do not not require covered protection from the elements, are stored in our outdoor secure two acre storage yard.

We can take the hassle out of transporting goods internationally with our dedicated Import and Export services. Our bonded warehouse allows goods to be imported and sorted whilst holding duty and import VAT payments until the goods are removed from the warehouse. If goods are re-exported, you don’t have to pay duty or import VAT.

We pride ourselves on offering complete end to end storage and distribution services, with a clear focus on our service to our customers, you.

If you’d like to discuss our services, please contact us today.

JMS 30th Anniversary

JMS Celebrating 30 Years in Business We’re very excited to announce that of 1st August 2019, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary in business!

John Sheard founded the company back in 1989 with just a single van but 30 years later the company looks a lot different, having gone from strength to strength. With John still at the helm of the business, JMS now boasts a fleet of 35 vehicles operating in the UK, Europe and worldwide. John’s hard work has certainly been fruitful: he’s grown a small, local business into an international haulage business operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our expansive fleet allows for a multitude of delivery options, including next day express shipping in certain parts of Europe. We can deliver anything from a small quarter pallet to anywhere in the UK and Europe, to a 17-foot model aircraft carrier from Barnby Dun, Doncaster to Ashworth Barracks in Balby, Doncaster – a real life example! Additionally, we have extended our warehouse to a whopping 30,000 sq ft capacity, with an additional two acre outside secure storage.

Our growth over the last 30 years has also enabled us to work with Pallet Track, a network of delivery companies with a central hub in Birmingham, to provide an overnight service to our customers. When using our Pallet Track services, customers benefit from online updates at every stage of their delivery. We also provide a MOFFETT delivery service: supplying customers with a truck-mounted forklifts to locations where they are unavailable. The MOFFETT service is available internationally so you can rest assured that wherever you are, your goods can be delivered safely.

With our high standards, customer satisfaction comes easily: we pride ourselves on consistently providing our customers with a reliable, hassle-free service. It speaks volumes that some of our customers are still with us from the very beginning in 1989.

Do look out for our special edition of our lorries, up and down the country, which are proudly adorned with our 30th anniversary badge. We’re very excited to celebrate our 30th anniversary and look forward to what the future holds for JMS!

For more information on our services, contact us here

JMS of Doncaster sign deal with Cromar Building Products

JMS of Doncaster Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a new deal with Cromar Building Products to safely distribute their new AlphaChem range across the United Kingdom and Ireland. As part of the deal one of our lorries and trailers have been fitted with Cromar-branded curtain sides to promote the new product range. To date we distribute almost 50% of all Cromar’s delivery requirements each week.

Cromar Building Products LTD, established in 1997 and based in Whitley Bridge, are specialists in flat and pitched roofing products, and boast an extensive portfolio of supplying building chemicals, timber treatments, adhesives, sealants, tanking membranes and DPCs. On average, on a daily basis, up to 100 pallets of material can be moved. The AlphaChem range was successfully launched in Autumn 2018, and stands as a new division of the company.

Working closely with Pallet Track, travelling through the night on less-congested routes in record time and efficiency, our pallet delivery service secures an excellent time management record and is environmentally friendly. So far this year, we have invested in a new range of trailers and trucks with a value of more than £400,000.

Every week day at approximately 7pm and safely loaded with palletised freight from Doncaster and surrounding areas, one of JMS of Doncaster Ltd vehicles exits the depot enroute to the Pallet Track central hub in Wolverhampton. Once arrived, the pallets are scanned, delivered to distribution centres, and delivered from there with online updates available at every stage of the process.

Click here for more information on our pallet delivery service.

International Haulage Services

JMS of Doncaster Ltd was founded 30 years ago John Sheard, who provided deliveries from just a single van. John is still running JMS to this day, and we have expanded to a fleet of over 35 years throughout 30 years of operation. Over these years, we have expanded into an international haulage business, offering import and export services worldwide.

With 24/7 operations our team work through the day and night to provide the very best customer service and international haulage solutions for customers throughout Europe and worldwide. We provide a whole range of shipping options, and even include same day express shipping across select areas of Europe.

We have even expanded our warehousing services to hold international goods. Our 30,000 sq ft warehouse allows us to provide safe, secure storage of your goods, and our two acres of secure outside storage space allows our clients to store anything which is unable to be stored within the warehouse itself.

As a bonded warehouse, you can take advantage of our import and export services, with duty import and VAT payments suspended until the goods are removed from the warehouse. Even better – if your goods are re-exported, you don’t have to pay any duty or import VAT! Combined with our logistics solutions and supply chain management, we provide easy, hassle-free import and export services to clients, shipping goods throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We’re proud to have expanded into international, global services, providing warehousing and distribution services, import and export services, and complete logistic management solutions for our clients. Our expert team work day and night to provide the best haulage services and customer services available, delivering your goods at the time and place you need them. 

Specialist Haulage Services

Haulage is essential to the success of many different industries throughout the UK. Whether a company is selling goods to customers, providing a particular service like construction, or B2B products and services, a huge range of industries use some form of haulage. Different industries require different haulage solutions, depending on the services they provide.JMS of Doncaster have a fleet of over 35 vehicles, providing specialist haulage services throughout the UK, Europe, and even worldwide. Here are just three of the specialist haulage services we provide.  Same Day Haulage Services With our expanding fleet of over 35 vehicles, and 24/7, 365-day services, we take pride in providing express, same day haulage services to clients across the UK. Enhanced training is rolled out across all members of our team, including members of the transport office, which allows all our staff to provide the highest level of customer service available.This high level of customer service, combined with our large fleet and 24/7, 365-day services allows us to provide efficient same day delivery services to clients and customers throughout the UK. We can even provide dedicated vehicles for dedicated same day deliveries.  Pallet Delivery Services We’re proud to be shareholder members of Pallet Track, providing national pallet delivery services throughout the UK. Each week night, one of our vehicles leaves our depot loaded with palletised freight from the Doncaster area, before driving down to Pallet Track’s central hub in Wolverhampton overnight. From there, the palletised freight is sent to distribution centres.The overnight delivery system helps us ease road congestion, and allows us to offer guaranteed next day pallet delivery across all areas of the UK.  MOFFETT Our specialist MOFFETT truck mounted forklift allows us to deliver goods to a wide range of locations and sites where a forklift may be unavailable. Designed to operate on rough, uneven ground, with great manoeuvrability, the MOFFETT provides a perfect solution for delivering to sites such as construction sites and farms.The forklift is easily detachable from our vehicle, and holds loads of up to 8,000lbs, allowing us to unload your goods safely and efficiently, wherever you need your delivery.  We’re proud to provide such a wide range of haulage and delivery services to customers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. For more information on the rest of our haulage services, visit our website, or contact us directly. 
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      Pallet Track Services

      Working with Pallet Track, JMS of Doncaster are part of a network of delivery companies to offer an overnight service, providing a national pallets delivery service through our central hub in Birmingham.

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        Pallet Track Services

        Working with Pallet Track, JMS of Doncaster are part of a network of delivery companies to offer an overnight service, providing a national pallets delivery service through our central hub in Birmingham.

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