Warship Transported for Charity

David Hill spent the final years of his life working on this amazing 17ft model aircraft carrier. After Mr Hill sadly passed away, his family donated the model to the Ashworth Barracks Museum. Ashworth Barracks, Balby, is run by the Victoria Cross Trust, who ensure the memory and graves of Victoria Cross recipients are kept intact as a true piece of British history. They gratefully accepted the donation, but had no way to transport the huge model eight miles from Mr Hill's garage to the museum. This led to a social media appeal, which caught our attention.

Our team saw the museum's appeal on Facebook, claiming they were struggling to find a way to move the model. JMS of Doncaster were happy to help – free of charge, of course! The model needed to make the eight-mile journey from Mr Hill's home in Barnby Dun to the Ashworth Barracks in Balby.

Our team have been to the property to discuss a strategic plan of action with the family and Ashworth Barracks. Based on HMS Implacable, which was built for the Royal Navy and used during WWII, the long, heavy, intricate model has lots of delicate pieces. The model has to be moved carefully, with no damage before it reaches the museum. We discussed how it could be loaded onto one of our 18t vehicles, and transported from there to Ashworth Barracks.

The actual transportation is taking place on Saturday 26th January. It will take a lot of helpers from the Barracks to manoeuvre the model from the garage onto our vehicle, before transporting it to the Barracks. We're proud to help and support the local charity, and pleased to help preserve this detailed, handmade model of the WWII aircraft carrier. 

Aircraft Carrier Successfully Transported!
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