JMS Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Warehousing and distribution services can be an important component to a business' services. Often small businesses don't have space or resources to store and distribute goods themselves. JMS of Doncaster, offer third party storage, warehousing and distribution , services allowing other companies to outsource this element of their business. With ov...
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JMS 30th Anniversary

JMS Celebrating 30 Years in Business  We're very excited to announce that of 1 st August 2019, we are celebrating our 30 th anniversary in business! John Sheard founded the company back in 1989 with just a single van but 30 years later the company looks a lot different, having gone from strength to strength. With John still at the helm of the ...
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JMS of Doncaster sign deal with Cromar Building Products

JMS of Doncaster Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a new deal with Cromar Building Products to safely distribute their new AlphaChem range across the United Kingdom and Ireland. As part of the deal one of our lorries and trailers have been fitted with Cromar-branded curtain sides to promote the new product range. To date we distribute almo...
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International Haulage Services

JMS of Doncaster Ltd was founded 30 years ago John Sheard, who provided deliveries from just a single van. John is still running JMS to this day, and we have expanded to a fleet of over 35 years throughout 30 years of operation. Over these years, we have expanded into an international haulage business, offering import and export services worldwide....
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Specialist Haulage Services

Haulage is essential to the success of many different industries throughout the UK. Whether a company is selling goods to customers, providing a particular service like construction, or B2B products and services, a huge range of industries use some form of haulage. Different industries require different haulage solutions, depending on the services ...
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Aircraft Carrier Successfully Transported!

  On Saturday 26 th January, the weather was perfect – if a little chilly – for transporting this 17ft model aircraft carrier to the Ashworth Barracks! The large, yet fragile model was based on HMS Implacable, a carrier built for the Royal Navy and used during the Second World War. It was donated to the museum by the family of the late David H...
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Warship Transported for Charity

David Hill spent the final years of his life working on this amazing 17ft model aircraft carrier. After Mr Hill sadly passed away, his family donated the model to the Ashworth Barracks Museum. Ashworth Barracks, Balby, is run by the Victoria Cross Trust, who ensure the memory and graves of Victoria Cross recipients are kept intact as a true piece o...
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The Importance of Logistics Management

Effective logistics management is vital to the success of a huge range of business models. Controlling the flow of goods into and out of a business, as well as the storage of goods, allows you to better meet customer demand and provide a higher level of customer service. JMS of Doncaster are completely customer focused in all our services, and prov...
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Brexit and the Haulage Industry

As an international haulage company, JMS of Doncaster provide haulage services operating across all areas of the UK, with international services available throughout Europe. It's no secret that Brexit is affecting businesses all over the country – and as an international business, haulage is no different. As Britain is preparing for a no-deal Brexi...
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Why Use JMS for your Haulage Needs

Why use JMS of Doncaster for your haulage needs? Operating in the haulage industry since 1989, we have almost 30 years' experience in all things haulage – and some of our customers have been with us right from the beginning! We take pride in the incredibly high reputation we have built over the years for providing consistently high-quality services...
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29 Years in Haulage!

At the beginning of last month, on 1 st August, JMS of Doncaster celebrated our 29 th anniversary! Founded on 1 st August 1989, JMS began life operating, and offering deliveries, from just a single van. We're incredibly proud to still be going strong today, expanding our fleet to a fantastic 35 vehicles, offering warehousing and distribution s...
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Warehousing, Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

JMS of Doncaster don't just provide nationwide haulage services – we also provide businesses with complete warehousing and logistics solutions. Our indoor and outdoor storage space allows us to store your goods securely, while using our expertise in haulage to guarantee your goods are delivered efficiently, as and when they are needed. JMS of ...
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Learner Drivers on UK Motorways

Learner drivers are now allowed on UK motorways – how will this affect the haulage industry? Learner drivers have been legally allowed to drive on dual carriageways for years – many of which have 70mph speed limits and similar rules to driving on a motorway. However, last month, new legislation came into effect which allows learner drivers to drive...
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Air Pollution & the Haulage Industry

  By 2025, HGV emissions are set to be at a fifth of what they were in 2013. Meanwhile, according to US research, chemicals in everyday household products are now a key contributor to city air pollution, rivalling some vehicle emissions. This begs the question; is the haulage industry to blame for increased air pollution? Last month, Michael G...
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Fantastic Service from Ongoing Training

At JMS of Doncaster, we deal with over 400 customers, providing total transport solutions to all areas of the UK. Our team are dedicated to providing top quality haulage services, including offering same-day service and international transport links. That's why we provide regular training to all JMS staff, ensuring our customers only get the best s...
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Part of the UK's Fastest Growing Pallet Network

JMS of Doncaster are proud shareholder members of the UK's fastest growing overnight palletised freight network – Pallet-Track Logistics. Using an overnight freight service helps minimise our impact on congestion on busy motorways through the day, and lets us offer guaranteed next-day delivery, 48-hour delivery or timed delivery slots for your pall...
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Eco-Friendly Fleet

  As one of the UK's leading haulage and logistics companies, at JMS we understand the importance of carrying out work in an environmentally responsible manner, focusing our attention on reducing environmental risks and exposures. With nearly 30 years' experience in the industry, we're always looking for improvement opportunities on business a...
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John Sheard's JMS Throughout the Years

JMS of Doncaster was founded in 1989, offering haulage services based in Doncaster for almost 30 years. Founder of the company, John Sheard, is still the Managing Director today, very much running the company he founded nearly 30 years ago. Back in 1989 when he founded the company, John Sheard was offering deliveries and operating his business out ...
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Welcome to the new face of JMS online

JMS of Doncaster launches a brand-new website, and with it a whole new online marketing campaign. ​ Exciting times are ahead for JMS of Doncaster; we're storming into the new year with a whole new online marketing approach! Front and centre of this is our brand- new website, where you'll find easy to navigate info on who we are, why we do what we d...
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